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Features and Benefits Summary

Identifies optimal price trends for any security/indexUser will know which price trends are best to consider for any security they might choose to invest in
Generates buy/sell recommendations in real‐time when those price trends have turnedUser will know the optimal points in time to either buy or sell any security so as to stay “on the right side of the market” (buying a security when the optimal trend has turned upwards and selling a security when that same price trend has turned downward)
Continuously ‘hunts’ for new price trends to followUser will always be following the optimal price trend, even when those trends change
Provides the likelihood that the current clearTREND™ recommendation will result in a capital gainUser will always know the likelihood that the recommendation will have a positive effect on his/her investment portfolio
Analysis available for more than 60,000 securities/indexesUser can access daily research of practically any security in which they may have an interest
Compares clearTREND™ Research performance to “buy and hold” strategy for any time periodUser can easily compare clearTREND™ performance to passive strategy
Provides complete security setup in under one minuteUser doesn’t have to wait long to begin researching and getting current recommendation for any security, even those that aren’t currently in the clearTREND™ security library
Three distinct subscription levelsUsers can select features and price points


Pricing Summary

There are three distinct subscription levels available. Users can select the features and price points that best fits their particular needs. For a free 30 day trial, visit Windows Azure Marketplace or Windows 8 app store.  Buy clearTREND Essentials for $29.99 per month, or buy clearTREND Advanced for $149.99 per month. clearTREND Enterprise is offered upon request, and pricing is available by request.


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